Current Members
Research Professors

Soo Min Hwang (황수민)

Battery Electrode Materials
Metal-Air Battery
Liquid Metal Battery
Post Doctoral Associates

S.T. Senthilkumar

Flexible Supercapacitors and batteries
Seawater/redox flow battery

Yanjun Zhang

Seawater batteries
Electrodes materials for Li-ion & Na-ion batteries

Murugesan Rajesh

Hybrid solid electrolytes
Na ion & Li ion batteries

Koshal Kishor

Design and developments of non-precious and precious metal catalysts
Electrochemical characterizations of Seawater Battery
Graduate Researchers
Graduate Student

Jeongsun Park (박정선)

Desalination System
Ballast Water Treatment System

Youngjun Lim (임영준)

Development of ceramic-polymer composite electrolytes

Hyunwoo Kim (김현우)

Hybrid solid electrolyte
Na-ion batteries

Yongil Kim (김용일)

Post Li ion Batteries (NIBs, ASSBs)
Sea Water Battery System

Jinhyup Han (한진협)

Rechargeable Sea Water Battery System

Hyuntae Bae (배현태)

Li Harvesting
CO2 capture

Wooseok Go (고우석)

Sea Water Battery System

Jehee Park (박제희)

Sea Water Battery Cathode & Catalyst

Hyein Yu (유혜인)

Sea Water Battery System
Anode Materials & Liquid Electrolytes

Fahmi Rahman

Liquid Metal Battery

Young Jin Kim (김영진)

Sea Water Battery System
Solid Electrolyte

Jinho Lee (이진호)

Sea Water Battery System

Yeong Jae Jeong (정영재)

Liquid Metal Battery

Dasong Jeong (정다송)

Sea Water Battery System
Undergraduate Students